Name: Ture Sjolander
 Postcode: au
 Subject: Swedish Injustice - Assange

I have dual citizenship Sweden/Australia.
I have an extensive knowledge of the  current Swedish politics and justice as well as a personal experience of Swedish injustice the last 20 years, covering two different governments.

I herewith urge all Australian news media to prevent the extradition of the Australian citizen Julian Assange from England to Sweden/United States of America!
Such extradition shall be very regrettable for our nation, Australia.

I am very well informed by credible sources within  Sweden that an extradition of Mr Assange to USA will take place as ASAP Mr Assange will arrive in Sweden.

A prompt action from Australia has to be taken prior  to the next Court hearing in London, and not later.


Ture Sjolander

A-political - non-religious.

 Send to:
     - The Australian (National)
     - The Financial Review (National)
     - The Age (VIC)
     - The Herald Sun (VIC)
     - The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW)
     - The Daily Telegraph (NSW)
     - The Courier Mail (QLD)
     - The Adelaide Advertiser (SA)
     - The West Australian (WA)
     - The Mercury (TAS)
     - The Examiner (TAS)
     - The Advocate (TAS)
     - The Canberra Times (ACT)
     - The Northern Territory News (NT)